Assistant Instructor

Jeeta Ouston
Jeeta began attending T'ai Chi sessions in 1996 to improve her health & mobility. She suffers from a neuro-musclular condition (Charcot Marie Tooth) which affects the peripheral muscles in the body & has caused her to be a wheelchair user. At first Jeeta found she could only stand for a few moments before needing to rest, however, in a small amount of time & with determination her stamina improved along with a sense of greater enjoyment in both physical & mental aspects of the sessions. In attending regular T'ai Chi Ch'uan classes with Ally McLean in Stirling Jeeta was introduced to Qigong, which she found brought further gains in her confidence, greater flexibility & all round improved focus. After concentrating her efforts in Qigong study & practice for several years, Jeeta was forced to take a 4 year hiatus due to requiring several leg surgeries. Joining East Winds in 2015 Jeeta has made a return to Qigong training & has shown a deep understanding of the discipline. We are very happy to welcome Jeeta as assistant Qigong instructor.
In her own words: “This discipline has been part of my life for 20 years and I now feel able to pass on the knowledge and experience that I have been fortunate enough to learn from encouraging instructors.”

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