T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a martial art! It is also an excellent health maintenance programme. The martial aspect is taught in separate classes, but even in the health classes you will be made aware of aspects of the martial side. It is only by knowing why your hands and feet need to move in specific ways that you can understand the use of T’ai Chi energies. 
You will be led through 5 stages of training (not all of which you need to take part in)
          The Traditional Yang Family T’ai Chi Ch’uan Form.
          Internal Energies and their uses.
          Pushing Hands.
          Developing Inner Strength.
The main form you will learn with East Winds will be the Traditional Yang Family 103 posture form. This form was developed by Yang Cheng Fu and passed to us at East Winds by Yang Zhen Ji (Cheng Fu’s  second son) and Fu Zhong Wen (Cheng Fu’s son-in-law), then via Coach Christopher Pei of the US Wushu Academy and Shelagh Grandpierre of the T’ai Chi Alliance.
You will be taught how to relax and employ the 10 essences developed by Yang Cheng Fu and fundamental to the correct performance of the form.
You will also learn some Qigong (Chi Kung) exercises and in particular Zhan Zhuang (Jam Jong), the basis for developing internal energy. You will also have the opportunity (if you wish) to learn weapons forms (Sword and Sabre) as well as learning Push Hands. It is said “T’ai Chi is used to know yourself. Push Hands is used to know others.”
As previously stated you will also have the opportunity to learn the T’ai Chi for Arthritis programme.

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